Why Your Ministry Should Use Pinterest Messaging?

Is Your Ministry Pinning?

Photo Courtesy: Ohsopinteresting.com

Photo Courtesy: Ohsopinteresting.com

Pinterest, the ultimate social bookmarking site, that allows users to share photos, is taking messaging to another level.  The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, have never been more true than now.  Pinterest is definitely onto something.  That’s why I think it’s relevant that ministries learn how to maximize pinterest’s messaging tool.

Why Your Ministry Should Use Pinterest Messaging?

Your ministry should be aware of every available platform to spread the gospel.  Not only that, you want to make it convenient for your partners to collaborate with each other on various projects, discussions, etc.

Imagine being able to have a discussion using a picture about an upcoming conference, sermon series or project.  It in essence, allows you to kill two birds with one stone.  Your spreading the word by pinning the picture easily making it available to the public.  Next, your engaging your partners and their audience at the same time.

Messages can be found in your notifications. There you will see your most recent activity. Messages can be sent by two people, or even a group.

Why Your Ministry Should Use Pinterest Messaging?

When you are attempting to broaden your audience, pinning can be another tool to inject your messages to the public.  Engagement through messaging on Pinterest has just opened the door and offered your ministry another tool to build your online presence for the Lord.

How will you be using your messaging on Pinterest?  Are you following my boards?


3 Secrets to Help You Stand Out in the Marketplace

3 Secrets to Help You Stand Out in the Marketplace

3 Secrets to Help You Stand Out in the Marketplace













What do you do when the marketplace is full of competition? Your first thought may be to move forward and build anyway, right?

How long do you think you’ll last in a field where competition is favored more than cooperation? A crowded marketplace, and you have no strategy and no true revelation of your identity. Does this sound like you? That’s why I want to share with you, 3 Secrets to Help You Stand Out in the Marketplace.

Interestingly enough, many will step into oncoming traffic anyway.  Having been in that same position myself, I can relate.  A lack of knowledge, kept me in a circle of repeating what others were doing.  I thought that their methods would work for me as well.

I’ve had multiple direct sales businesses. Only one brought me complete joy.  I guess it was because of my new found love for facial care and makeup.  I tried my hand and actually did okay as a Mary Kay rep. But guess what? It was not my calling, my purpose and what I was gifted in.  I didn’t even know anything about makeup, because I didn’t wear it then.  Go figure. LOL. Trying to be a consultant in something I had not even mastered myself.  Sound familiar?

Maybe it was the right products, but the wrong time.  Since then I’ve seen many others, including “experts” make the same mistake.  Normally this wouldn’t matter.  Most time any individual can redeem the time, and go on to become very successful in their niche.

But when all else fails, what do you do, to maximize your presence in the marketplace?

I have my own opinion about the marketplace.  I believe there are 3 principles you will need to take on before entering the marketplace.

Influence, Impact and Inspire.

3 Secrets to Help You Stand Out in the Marketplace

#1 Influence

There’s something about you that is unique.  It’s okay to point it out, take time to discover and reflect on what makes you different.  Your vision, dream and or business should represent your own personality and beliefs.

When you trust that you have everything within you, to influence the marketplace, you open the universe to draw in others who need what you have.

That uniqueness was put there to keep you passionate about what you bring to the market.  Build on it. Master it. Then deliver.

#2 Use Your Gift to Make An Impact

Society is facing many challenges. To make an impact, step up your contribution to various communities. Instead of looking at yourself as a provider, consider shifting your mindset to one of a servant.  Yes you have a product or service. But, I’m sure it is to bring relief to someone or their business.  To solve a problem of some sort.

As consumers, we are consistently bombarded with offers. These individuals approach the market as if, they are doing us a favor with the sales tactic.  However, I have found the more humble a person, the more I want to connect.

You were designed with a gift to help someone get to their next level, solve a problem or bring about a change.  Without you, there will be some that will never reach their destiny.

Impact through your service. We need YOU!

#3 Inspire Others By Being the Best Version of YOU!

It’s has been proven, when you operate in your own unique greatness, you give permission to others to do the same.3 Secrets to Help You Stand Out in the Marketplace

Don’t let anyone tell you that there’s is a one size fits all to marketing and promoting your brand.  Just Be You! Sounds easy, right?

You’ll find that when you are being your best self, you draw others to you.  The ones that are supposed to be divinely connected to you.

It may take a while. But, I promise it will save you time, money and heartache.

There is a shift that is happening right now.  People are no longer falling for the okie doke. This shift represents a movement of those who seek sustainability, prosperity and economic transitioning.  Many of you will have a cooperative heart vs. a competitive one.

Team work makes the dream work.


I can not wait to see you doing your thang.  Yes Sir/Ma’am, I said thang.  I believe in you.


3 Secrets to Help You Stand Out in the Marketplace



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How To Live In Peace and Prosperity In Your Business

Today there was a profound shift in my spirit. I talk a lot about marketing, but I realize sometimes you need to be encouraged in pursuit of having a successful business.  After my interview with Shawn Saunders, Author of Covenant of Peace, I received clarity on How to Live In Peace and Prosperity In Your Business.

How To Live In Peace and Prosperity In Your Business

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There can be a balance when it comes to building your ideal business, and prospering in peace.  Author Shawn Saunders talks about The Covenant of Peace in her recent book, which gives prolific insight into the word of God as it relates to peace and prosperity.

Many of you may struggle with your unique identity. I have said many times, it is your divine identity that makes you relevant in the marketplace. Shawn Saunders was able to bring confirmation to that very same message.

How does our relationship with God help us in business and our personal life?

Shawn answered with the following……

1. Make God the center, the nucleus of your focus.

2. Meditate and plan according to the instructions from God.

The results will be astounding to increasing the success of your business.  You will become more accountable, and responsible for the your determination to succeed.

How To Live In Peace and Prosperity In Your Business?

It can be summed up with Shawn’s 3-D principle, Desire, Determination and Discipline.


How To Live In Peace and Prosperity In Your BusinessListen here for the entire interview

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Listen to the full interview here.

Get your copy of  The Covenant of Peace.

I would love to hear how you find peace and prosperity in your business? Feel free to share and comment below.

Creative Marketing for A Beginner

Creative Marketing for A Beginner

Marketing. The one aspect of your business that can be overwhelming, especially if you are just starting out, or new to the online world.

There’s so much to do. Maybe you have information overload.  Like, where do I start?

Creative Marketing for A BeginnerThere is a method to the madness. But there is no one size fits all to marketing.  Truth be told, you aren’t the first and won’t be the last with questions. We often look at “gurus” mastering the game, and think they have a magic wand they wave to produce results.

Not so. Some of the best network marketers have loss and learned over the years.  It’s a trial and error method full of research and analyzing.  A simple crossing of the fingers and hoping for the best.  I’m just being honest.

While they may not have mastered marketing, I’m sure they will admit to understanding the process. I’m going to share with you the 3 C’s of Marketing like A Pro, even if you’re a beginner.

If you have some techniques you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them.  Or you can feel free to join us July 1st at 9:00p.m. edt for our monthly marketing series for beginners.

Creative Marketing for A BeginnerCreative Marketing for A Beginner



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Krispy Kreme National Doughnut Day Makes My Day

Krispy Kreme National Doughnut Day Makes My Day

It was surely a surprise to get a secured package today that ended up being from Krispy Kremes. Just a couple of days ago Krispy Kreme tweeted me for my mailing info, so they could send me a mug and freebies.  I didn’t take them too seriously, and figured if they was going to mail it, I wouldn’t receive it til’ like forever. But low and behold Krispy Kreme National Doughnut Day Makes My Day and less than a week whalah I have my freebie.

Krispy Kreme National Doughnut Day Makes My Day

So you know I’m good at giving credit where credit is due. Yeah I have a really nice mug for my coffee indulgence. But most importantly, I am reminded that good marketing still exists, and showing your customers appreciation is still necessary. Maybe that explains why Krispy Kreme is still at the top of their game.

Krispy Kreme National Doughnut Day Makes My Day

It doesn’t matter if the red light is on or not, people stand in line to get the best doughnuts made. With all the sweet talk, and my sweet tooth yearning for my free doughnut for National Doughnut Day 2014, I learned some key marketing strategies.

Krispy Kreme National Doughnut Day Makes My Day

1. It Takes Money To Make Money

You can’t be afraid to invest in your marketing. The number one reason most people fail at business, is a lack of marketing and attention to their customers.

When you market, communicate and engage your audience, you build brand trust that influences their decisions as consumers. Which results in repeat business.

2. Brand Consistency

Yeah boy. I had to learn brand consistency the hard way. As long as I stayed unclear about my true purpose and passion, I flopped back and forth between colors, mission statements, etc., my audience declined.  After that the profits followed.

What I love about Krispy Kreme is, they have remained true to their identity.  The only change they’ve made is to tweak and enhance what has always, and still is their marketplace identity.

3. Give Back

I became a loyal consumer of KK back when I was Program Director for a youth organization.  One of the many Fundraisers the kids participated in was Krispy Kreme’s Fundraiser. Now of course this partnership was a win win, but it still goes to show the compassion they have to build partnerships.  This of course results in the spread of word of mouth, multiple streams of income and most importantly branding.

There were many other marketing strategies in this one incident, but here the 3 most important ones.  I hope you enjoyed Krispy Kreme National Doughnut Day Makes My Day.  What is your favorite business, and what marketing strategies of theirs can you share?

From the Projects to Purpose -Fostering the Future Campaign

WOW is all I can say about the Fostering the Future Campaign that revealed my story

From the Projects from Purpose - Fostering the Future Campaign


From the Projects to Purpose” yesterday. For the first time I am revealing my story to the world, in hopes that someone will find hope. Especially the 400k plus youth that are currently in the foster care system.

Children’s Rights is the only organization dedicated to reforming the welfare system through legal advocacy. Because of the number of children locked in the system, this organization is key to the transformation and empowerment of every youth.

Fostering the Future Campaign highlights the stories of past foster care youth every year, to give hope to those that are still in the system.

From the Projects to Purpose is my story of second chances and redemption. I knew there would come a time when I would share a portion of my story for others. Children’s Rights provided me the opportunity through the fostering the future campaign to do just that.

From the Projects to Purpose - Fostering the Future CampaignMy story is not typical of children who enter the foster care system. My mother was 15 when she had me. We grew up together, her mother raising both of us, in the Los Angeles projects once known as Aliso Village.

If I could say anything to a child in the same situation, it would be to never lose hope. Believe that no matter what, you have a purpose in life. Allow that hope to be an anchor for your faith and hold on to it when you’re tossed on life’s stormy seas. These tests become the light that you will use to lead someone else out of their dark circumstances. Don’t let that light go out. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

Now I’m on a mission to work with organizations and ministries who serve the youth and communities, by showing them how to communicate and empower them lead successful and significant lives.

If you’re interested in booking me for your next fundraiser or youth event to help “Facilitate Their Dreams” or raise funds I am here  and ready.

To Your Success and Significance,

From the Projects to Purpose - Fostering the Future Campaign





Your Dream Needs A Blueprint and Gratitude


What is a Dream Facilitator?  Why do I need a blueprint?  What does it take to fulfill my dream?

All of these are valid questions for dreamers who have a desire to see their dream manifest.  It has been my experience that without a blueprint, a foundation and divine guidance our dreams will not come to life the way God intended it to. The result of not having a dream blueprint often times, is a counterfeit dream, which I talk about in a recent FaceBook post. In the video below I discuss why Your Dream Needs A Blueprint and Gratitude.

Your Dream Needs A Blueprint and Gratitude

When there is a divine calling for your dream to manifest, whether that is a business, a ministry or something else, your complete recollection of what God showed you is key.  Don’t leave anything out because it may seem difficult or unrealistic.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the LORD. Isaiah 55:8

That means that his instruction, guidance and blueprint was downloaded into your spirit. Were you paying attention?  Or did you look to outside resources to help you?

His ways, His Thoughts will be what manifests your TRUE vision and dream blueprint.

Your Dream Needs A Blueprint and Gratitude

(Watch the video below)

Your struggle is a beautiful way that God builds tenacity. Maisha Guy

May you dream and vision manifest on a solid foundation built with tears of your struggle, and bricks others have thrown at you for your belief, to impact and influence generations to come.  If you enjoyed Your Dream Needs A Blueprint and Gratitude, please share and comment.

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Book Review – How to Win In Life In A Greater Way

Book Review - How to Win In Life In A Greater Way

How to Win In Life In A Greater Way

Everybody wants to win in life.  I think it’s a natural reaction because of our divine spiritual DNA. As babies we come into this world fighting our way into existence.  We may have the genes of our heavenly Father, but in the end it’s a choice to fight for the predestined position of abundance.  Sadly, life happens and unexpected situations come that tend to beat us down.  While most people are able to handle the storms, others are swept away never to rise again.  Ronald Cooper, Author of How to Win In Life In A Greater Way, gives real life circumstances that others were able to over come to bear witness, that we all can win in life.

When I first was approached about the book, I thought, “Another self-help book, boring.”  I was tired of seeing content full of words, but of no substance.  Everyone wants to win, but I need to know how to have the victory as a child of God? I was feeling overwhelmed with all of the self-proclaimed coaches teaching basic principles on living life on your own terms.  Was I the only one searching for something that will help me to learn how to live my life on God’s terms.

See I have already lived life on my terms, and it didn’t work.  Sure I may have had a lot of fun. Drank, smoke and partied my little heart out. But where has that left me? Unfulfilled, searching for more and wandering to and fro.  I know that I am not the only one, tired of the same ol’ same ol’. The calling on our lives requires a Kingdom mindset, and the tools to call down the power to operate in your authority as a Believer.

Having the call as Kingdom Administrator and knowing that I am to build up Kingdom assignments for the marketplace, I needed principles that would keep me grounded in the new identity I had to be delivered into.

How to Win In Life In A Greater Way

Book Review - How to Win In Life In A Greater Way

Author Ronald Cooper book, became a refreshing perspective, for me to consider how to win in life in a greater way. In the book, he reveals principles that will change the way you look at success.  Currently available on amazon, Mr. Cooper speaks to the heart of those needing to be uplifted in their spirit. Not only that the biblical references on others recorded in scripture was key.

Mr. Cooper helps those who struggle with their belief, identity and destiny to overcome defeat, doubt and double mindness about who they are in Christ.  The tangible presence of God in life is confirmed in Mr. Cooper’s How to Win In Life In A Greater Way.

There is only one wish I had for this book, more personal testimonies from Ronald Cooper.  I believe that our own testimonies are valuable to those we are connected to.  When we open up, and become transparent about where we were, where we are and where were going, we open the doors for others to be whom THEY ARE!

You can pick up your copy of the book at Amazon here.

To your success and significance,

Success and Significance - A Purpose Driven Business




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The Dream Facilitator Joins The Constant Contact Partner Program As A Solution Provider

The Dream Facilitator, Joins The Constant Contact Partner Program As A Solution Provider

Program provides the Dream Facilitator’s clients with affordable, effective tools and training to build strong connections and customer relationships.

LOUISVILLE, KY – Maisha Guy, The Dream Facilitator announced her partnership with the Constant Contact Partner Program. As a Solution Provider, the Dream Facilitator’s clients gain access to email marketing, event marketing, social media marketing and online tools, to enhance their customer relations.

The Dream Facilitator provides virtual innovative marketing services that promotes her clients vision ahead of the competition. Many of the The Dream Facilitator’s clients have a desire to build a large following. She chose to partner with Constant Contact to provide her clients with an effective suite of marketing tools.

“I want to ensure my clients are an organized and structured entity. My choice to partner with the leader in email marketing, gives my clients a valuable resource to streamline their marketing efforts and strengthen their relations at the same times.”, said Maisha Guy, The Dream Facilitator.

With Constant Contact’s  email marketing, the Dream Facilitator’s growing client base can easily create professional looking emails, manage lists, measure campaign results, and review outcomes. Constant Contact designed these tools to drive customer and member participation in a structured way to strengthen relationships.

About The Dream Facilitator

Maisha Guy, The Dream Facilitator offers the most effective and innovative way to build your dream. By instantly positioning your vision ahead of the competition, you bypass the normal burdens of building your dream from the ground up with innovative marketing strategies and affordable tools to create your dream blueprint. In short, The Dream Facilitator removes the risks of building your dream. Learn more and sign up instantly at www.workwithmaisha.com or call (502) 383-1583.

Constant Contact and the Constant Contact Logo are registered trademarks of Constant Contact, Inc. All Constant Contact product names and other brand names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Constant Contact, Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.

Maisha Guy
The Dream Facilitator


6 Steps to Creating an Email Marketing Campaign for Your Ministry

6 Steps to Creating an Email Marketing Campaign for Your Ministry

6 Steps to Creating an Email Marketing Campaign for Your Ministry


While serving the King of Kings as a ministry leader, having an ideal email marketing campaign for ministry is valuable. Many leaders bypass this one element of spreading the gospel or relevant messages about their programs. Yet despite the perceived ease with which emails land in your inbox, many ministries have yet to master the art of emailing.

To make things easier for the time-strapped leaders, I have broken email marketing into six essential steps. Take a look at 6 Steps to Creating an Email Marketing Campaign for Your Ministry below to ensure you are right on track.

1. Goals
Before you begin to craft your content or campaign, you should have a clear goal of where you are with your message, where you want to go and what action you want your audience to take after reading your message.

2. Copy
No email is complete without content, and once you’ve picked your next crop of recipients, you’re ready to start creating targeted, relevant messaging for them. Tailor your content to their known issues, needs and interests, and make sure you include both a compelling subject line and call to action.

3. Offer
What are you delivering that will provoke them to take action? This could be an invite to a special event, webinar or training. Once you’ve written your email copy, you’re ready to create your email template.

4. Timing
Send times will be tricky, and often depends on your audience. As a rule of thumb, most emails should be sent during business hours in the morning or early afternoon, right after lunch.

5. Lists
If you already have a list, kudos, list building should be a primary goal. When you are just now starting and you want to build your list, try offering an incentive in exchange for their email. As ministry leaders, having a conference line sign up is most popular.

6. Visual Identity
It’s true that most people don’t care as much about the message, as they do about the look of your ministry. Let’s start off with a heart breakingly obvious fact: people make snap judgements about whether or not to read your emails based on a quick glance. That’s how everyone reads emails these days. We choose an email message, give it a two-second glance, and then decide if it’s worth our time.

Use images and your creativity to tell the story of your message.  Bring your words to life!
Many platforms will let you preview your work as you build it which makes it easier to see how your changes impact the overall design. This is a good way to make sure your brand is consistent across the board.

Designing a Marketing
Email That Works

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