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Welcome fellow marketplace leader

Have you always had a desire to take your ministry to another level? You know that you serve a BIG GOD, and you’re tired of your ministry being under valued, under achieved and unacknowledged. Do you feel the need to rebel against the mediocrity you see concerning ministries and marketing? You’re ready to set your own rules, create a broader opportunity to expose your ministry or message.

You are definitely my kinda of person! If you’ve landed here, I can only imagine how long you have suffered below the expectations your Father in heaven has for not only your ministry, but you and your family as well.  Thanks to the innovative strategies the Lord has given us in His word, along with all of the online tools available, it is NOW THE TIME to advance your ministry and your dream.

Join Me On This Mission

I want to break the ceiling and break God out of the box and create a movement of over 1,000 ministries, leaders and visionaries by 2017 to From the Projects to Purpose - Fostering the Future Campaignadvance the Kingdom of God in the marketplace and outside of the church building.

I am here to HELP YOU REALIZE that you can build your ministry and promote it from anywhere in the world. If you really want to take your vision global and position your message on an international platform, all you have to do is join us in this movement.

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That Burden You’re Carrying

Is a deeper desire to go further, to level up and expand and build beyond your own abilities. I see it everyday.  Ministries who have a global mandate barely penetrating their local and surrounding cities.

You know there is more to your vision then what you’ve been accepting. 

For the last 5 years, I have been preaching and professing the need for innovative marketing and creative strategies to enhance ministries and new visions.

I help you find innovative and creative ways to build your online presence from any where using online tools, outsourcing and social media.

3 Tips to Full Proof Marketing for Your Ministry or Mission

Sounds out the box right? Well it is. I get to coach clients virtually, and provide digital marketing solutions designed to get you positioned in the marketplace and in front of your ideal audience. I also blog about products and resources that will also make a big difference in how your market your ministry.

What’s Important Is Facilitating Your Dream, Positioning Your Vision and Being Significant Using Your Creativity, Engaging the Culture and Generating Commerce.

I’d rather spend less time working, and more time doing what I love. Trying to figure out every new platform, learn every new opportunity and play by all of the rules for online marketing, can get tiring.  I know, I did it for 8 years.

Wondering if you’re in the right place?

This blog is not for the traditional visionary or ministry leader, who lacks faith and fear taking risks and rebel against change.  Instead this blog is just for:

  • Independent thinkers, faith filled “believers” who have a vision that requires supernatural interventions
  • Aspiring leaders who believe ministry is more than a side hustle
  • Leaders who want to work ON their ministry instead of IN it
  • Visionaries who understand the importance of a global presence
  • Busy leaders who want to use online tools to streamline and save time and money to be more productive

If this sounds like you, then I have some important content I would like to introduce you to.

Must reads for the Next Generation Ministry Leader and Visionary……

3 Secrets to Help You Stand Out in the Marketplace

Utilizing A Team To Grow Your Business

Your Dream Needs A Blueprint and Gratitude

6 Steps to Creating an Email Marketing Campaign for Your Ministry

2014 Kingdom Business Predictions

Motivational Posts

How to Win In Life In A Greater Way

Suffering from Success Memoirs of a Dreamer

Fostering the Future Campaign Reveals my Untold Story


Tools and Resources to Get Started With Your Strategy Session


    ENGAGE V.I.P.  – The key to driving the best results from email marketing is ongoing engagement – regular
touches, with compelling, useful content, that motivates your audience to take action — to become a new or repeat customer, download your white paper, or support your cause.


ignite_constant contact


   IGNITE V.I.P. –  Build loyalty, broaden your audience….

Start with us now to drive more donations, move last season’s inventory, or to fill those empty seats on a normally quiet Sunday evening.



V.I.P. Strategy Session   V.I.P. Strategy Pass –  Bringing your vision to the marketplace can be intimidating.

I specialize in creating strategic blueprints for musicians, ministries and small business, with my coaching and strategy sessions.



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